About Me


My name is Dian Widayanti, just call me Dian.

I’m halal culinary enthusiast, and the founder of food tech company called www.eatever.com (PT Teknologi Kuliner Indonesia)

I’m Indonesian, yet currently live in Switzerland.

I learnt halal foods since 2015, and founded Eatever in 2017. Since then, I found that there’s a lot of international food restaurants entering Indonesia market, yet (I knew) the available original ingredients are mostly not halal (somehow the suppliers of the imported ingredients does not care though). Sadly most Indonesians, ‘cause we think that Indonesia has a huge moslem population and considering Indonesia as a moslem country, we feel safe to eat everywhere, without confirming whether they are halal.

So this is my blog for you to get eyes-opened, keep learning, and be more curious of the foods you eat. And hopefully with more people understanding the real term of “halal”, there will be more culinary entrepreneurs concerning about shifting their foods to get halal certification (or at least claiming halal, with honesty)

Ah ya, somehow I prefer to review from my instagram story @dianwidayanti

Let’s be friends and stay connected 😊